Our mission is to provide a physical wellness experience that focuses on efficient and correct movement with injury prevention as a priority, in order to help others obtain and surpass their fitness and physical wellbeing goals.

Meet Our Team

David Shute

David "Shute" is the owner of Physical Wellness and Fitness, LLC.  He is a born-and-raised Jacksonville native, and is a two-time University of North Florida alumni with a Bachelor degree in Health Administration and a Masters in Business Administration.   In addition to David’s academic degrees, he holds CFL1, CFL2, FMSL1, and USAWL1 credentials.  Shute has 20+ years of fitness training experience which includes previous positions: trainer for a local YMCA, personal trainer and General Manager at Bailey’s Gym, CrossFit Coach at Jax Strength and Conditioning, Trainer and Board of Director for Trinity Fitness.

Lauren Shute

Lauren Shute is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is passionate in helping others maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system in order to pursue physical wellness. She received her Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2013 where she was already 4 years deep in experience with functional fitness.  

Cassandra Ridge

Casey is a special needs high school teacher and a 5th grade counselor as part of an after school program. She is an avid seeker of anything outdoors (biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, beach volleyball), and obsessed with anything and everything dog! Casey absolutely love working with children.  We are ecstatic to have Casey as a PhysWell Kids Coach and supporting team member of PhysWell Foundation. Note from Casey: "I started my fitness journey with Physwell a year and a half ago, but I grew up playing sports. It was a vital part of my childhood. I believe sports and fitness is a great tool for learning how to overcome physical/emotional obstacles, learn discipline, teamwork,  and how to set/attain goals. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than sharing my love of sports/fitness with your children." 

Dom Dixon

Dom is from Morgantown WV and attended Shepherd University both as a student and football player. While attending Shepherd he earned his B.S in Exercise Science where he founded the passion for fitness and serving others. Dom stumbled upon CrossFit in 2016, where he found similarities in the companionship, as he did with football and team sports.  Dom is a CrossFit L1 and is certified in Kettlebell Flow by Kettlebell Kings.

“It’s a process and isn’t meant to happen in a day, things that take time to achieve last a lot longer”

His passion for not only serving, but helping people reach their goals lead him to starting his own fitness company BrickBuilt Strength. This is his platform to share his knowledge and beliefs to help better anyone he can. Dom loves community and camaraderie of being in the gym with everyone, as well as, leading the class with coaching! He enjoys taking the time to coach individuals on their personal goals/skills and reach their own full potential.

David Reid-Foley

David Reid-Foley is a seasoned functional fitness coach and a former collegiate and minor league baseball player.  Leveraging his background in sports, David meticulously helps PhysWell members with everything from foundational movements to more advanced skills.  

Eric Chilton

Eric has a diverse athletic background in track, basketball and soccer while growing up. This background translated well into Obstacle Course Racing where he ran in the World Championships in 2015. Also, during this time, he was testing his mental/physical endurance with multiple GORUCK rucking challenges that ultimately lead to GORUCK’s flagship events:  Star Course 50 miler (ruck race) in 2019 and then completing the HTL (Heavy, Tough, Light – 48hr’s) physical challenge event in 2020. Always looking for the next challenge, Eric began participating in multiple GORUCK’s tactical training events in 2020 in preparation for The Tactical Games (CrossFit + shooting sports) in 2021. 

Eric credits these athletic achievements as a master’s athlete to the fundamental training provided through CrossFit. His journey with CrossFit began in 2014 and he earned his CrossFit L1 training certification 2017 and will be looking to add a Level 2 certification to his resume in 2021.  

Michelle Lathan

Michelle ‘Boosk’ Lathan, a Florida native, spent most of her childhood outdoors on the softball field and on the water. After college and babies, she struggled to find a workout that would keep her attention, until finding Crossfit in 2015. Michelle loves the variety of movements, and intensity of WODs but most of all, she loves being a part of the incredible Crossfit community. There are always new goals and challenges and she looks forward to helping others find similar passion.

Matthew Rutherford

Matthew Rutherford has a long history in high-intensity training. After 5 years of CrossFit experience, Matt received his Level 1 Training Certificate in July, 2021. Prior to CrossFit, Matt was the head instructor of a Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts in Marlboro, NJ. Through training hundreds of students, he gained a love of coaching and helping people become the best version of themselves..Matt enjoys actively competing in CrossFit competitions as well as coaching our athletes whom endeavor to compete. Matt's love of CrossFit is in its efficiency and efficacy. He is a big believer that CrossFit is for anyone and everyone and enjoys being able to bring that passion to all of the athletes of PhysWell.

Michael Schroder

Mike is originally from New York and has been in Jacksonville for the last 12 years.  Mike served honorable on active duty for 6 years in the United States Marine Corps.  After years of ignoring his health & wellness, Mike put significant focus on his lack of nutrition and physical health and led to a 100+ pound weight loss.  .  He found CrossFit about three years ago and immediately fell in love with it.  Mike decided to go for his CrossFit L1 certificate in 2019 and has been coaching ever since.   Mike also is very passionate about rucking and leads the NOC Ruck club.

Jess Harre

Open Gym Team Member

Kristi LaVorgna

Loves deadlifts and donuts

Mike Harre

Open Gym Team Member