PhysWell Friday Night Light II

PhysWell Friday Night Light II

Event Divisions:

  • Advanced

  • As Written

  • Modified

Event Details

This is friendly small competition against friends.  Test your training, cheer on other fellow athletes, and hangout for some beverages and food.   Fee for the event is $30 per team ($15 per athlete).  I mean, you can't go many other places for 3 hours of entertainment, food, and drinks for less than that.

There will be 2 - 3 workouts with Advance option (RX+), As Written option (RX), and Modified (Scaled).  Do not let the concern of movements be the reason you do not join in the fun.  All workouts are self-counted and based on a honor code.    

Event WODS


100 Double-Unders 60 Snatches 60 Toes-to-Bar 100 Double-unders 40 Snatches 40 Toes-to-Bar 100 Double-unders 20 Snatches 20 Toes-to-Bar Time Cap: 25 minutes ADV: 95/65lb, 135/95lb, 155/105lb AW: 75/65lb, 115/75lb, 135/85lb MOD: 65/55lb, 95/65lb, 115/75lb

Hold Me

3 Rounds Each 20c/15c Row Sandbag Hug Hold ADV: 120 / 80lb AW: 80 / 60lb MOD: 60 / 40lb


6 minute AMRAP 10 Deadlifts 20 Burpee Box Jump (24/20) 30 Assault Cals 2 minute Rest 6 minute AMRAP 30-40-50 Deadlifts Burpee Box Jump (24/20) Assault Cals Notes: - BBJ must be step downs. - Make sure you understand the rep scheme difference between the two AMRAPs. Time: 12 minutes ADV: 225 / 155 AW: 185 / 125 MOD: 155 / 105

Event Info:

PhysWell Friday Night Light II

Date: Dec. 4, 2020

Location: 14797 Philips Hwy, Suite 114, Jacksonville FL

Registration: $30.00